In the winter, these heat boxes are my favorite thing. I just fall asleep in front of it because it is warm. Sometimes I get too close and it shuts off.

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Labor Day


This morning, my best friend Hershey showed up and hung out for awhile. We were patiently waiting for some turkey sausage, but it didn’t come quickly. I think there’s less noise at our house so Hershey sometimes stays for hours. Sometimes she even takes a nap. It’s the perfect holiday for me…everybody’s here.

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Today has been a lazy day. I’ve pretty much just napped, went for a walk, and drank a lot of water.

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Chiquita’s first day online


Today is my first day online. I had quite an exciting day already this morning. I went for a walk around my neighborhood, my best friend Hershey stopped by and we were given roast beef for breakfast! Hershey stuck around for awhile to see if my dad would give us more, but no such luck. Now, it seems we are getting ready for a ride in the car. O boy!

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